Velform Sauna Belt – How Does It Work? Is it a Scam? Reviews, Recommendations

The Velform Sauna Belt is a popular slimming belt, or sweat belt, that claims to remove belly fat, help detox, and make your workouts more efficient.

They can be found on sale here.

The benefits of sauna belt are well documented, and this one certainly has its pros and cons.

Unlike most belly slimmers, sweat belts, and sauna belts, the Velform Sauna Belt has a heater belt in. This ensures you’re be sweating almost immediately after you start your workout, but it adds some risks, inconveniences, and potential dangers.

For starters, you’ll always have to be plugged in when using the heat function of this sauna belt. Forget about wearing it at the gym, unless you think you can run an extension cable everywhere you go without getting kicked out!

Velform Sauna Belts are sold by several vendors under different names, and costs about $30 USD.

It’s an electric sauna belt that helps you sweat. It has a dial you can plug in and turn up. It is really quite simple.

How Does The Velform Sauna Belt Work?

According to some reviews, the Velform sauna belt does not work. So, what’s the deal? Does the Velform Sauna Belt work?

While most sauna belts have a fake review problem on Amazon, Velform sauna belts have very few reviews. This is probably because they delete the products and relist after receiving some bad reviews.

We would expect the Velform sauna belt to have hundreds or thousands of reviews after being around for almost 10 years. The lack of reviews is a serious red flag here. In fact, the one review is just one star.

Alternatives to the Velform Sauna Belt That Work

Luckily, there are alternatives that don’t need to be plugged in, look great, have excellent reviews, and actually work.

Our best recommendation that our readers have raved about for years is the Fasclow women’s waist trimmer. These are high quality, fashionable sauna belts you can wear in public and help you loose weight fast.

Alternatively, you may want to try a mini portable sauna that you can use while you watch tv, read, etc. These little saunas set up easily, have wonderful reviews, and actually work for removing weight. We recommend the Kuppet portable steam sauna which is a popular choice.