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Litthing Sauna Sweat Pants

These leggings are made of unique Thermo neoprene material, which makes your body sweat profusely a few minutes into your workout. The benefits are amazing, not only does it help you shed that extra weight on your thigh and waist region, but it also helps tone your skin and muscles. 

Litthing Sauna Sweat Pants perform well against the 9 best selling sauna pants and waist trimmers here.

Another good design feature is the compression waistband which fully covers your waist, abdomen and tummy region. It helps flatten your tummy and the waistband doesn’t roll down during your workouts. Also, the half crop cut design gives you a feminine look. Also, the side pockets secure your important stuff like cards, car keys and phones and you don’t have to worry about them as you concentrate on your workout.

LITTHING Women's Sport Yoga Pants Workout Fitness Hip High Waist
w/ Side Pocket High Waist Fat Burning
Litthing Sauna Sweat Pants
9.5 Total Score

Best for large waistband, durability, and consistency.

Weight Loss
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  • It’s a high-waist design
  • Versatile enough to fit various occasions
  • The side pockets secure your stuff as you workout
  • It comes with a large waistband that fully covers your tummy, abdomen and thigh region
  • The thick neoprene material makes you sweat profusely increasing your thermogenic temperatures
  • The sizing is accurate with no inconsistencies
  • Doesn’t go all the way down, but it’s a good design for working out