Frequently Asked Questions About Slim Sauna Belts

What is The Sauna Effect?

The sauna effect is what happens when putting a heavy neoprene (or similar material) band around your waist and working out.  You will sweat profusely like you are in a hot sauna.

What are good exercises to do with Sauna Belts or Slim Belts?

We recommend starting with light stretching, walking, and some sit ups/ab crunches.  Keep your first workout to 30 minutes or so and work your way up from there.  Once you are used to the belt you can advance to any aerobic workout, jogging, or sport. Many people use slim sauna belts at workout classes and they sweat like crazy without making the workout more difficult.  

What is Sauna Belt?

Sauna belt is an amazing slimming product that can help you in reducing the excessive body weight without making any special efforts. The product includes a belt that when tied on your body will help you in melting away the unwanted fat layer from the body. Sauna belt can help you in providing the perfect, slim, fit and healthy personality.

Do Sauna Belts Help With Back Problems?

Yes, there are thousands of reviews and testimonials claiming sauna belts help improve posture and reduce, or even eliminate back pain.

Can I wear a sauna belt or slim belt while watching TV?

Sure! You may have good results this way, but we recommend combining with a workout.  Also limit use to 2-3 hours (or 2 movies).

Can I wear a sauna belt or slim belt to bed?

It is not recommended to wear a slim belt or sauna belt to bed, as most manufacturers recommend limiting sessions to three hours or less.  If you, make sure to work your way up to it.  You also are unlikely to see dramatic results unless you are more active while wearing it.

Can I wear a sauna belt or slim belt outside in the heat?

Absolutely, wearing a sauna belt when it’s hot will make it work faster.  Just make sure you’re drinking plenty of liquids and not becoming dehydrated. Learn about hydrating before and after your sauna here.  

How Fast Can I loose Weight With a Sauna Belt or Slim Belt?

You can loose measurable weight in a few days, and can see a significant change after 2 weeks of daily use.

Do sauna belts remove fat?

Yes, Sauna belt helps in removing extra fat from different parts of body including Hips, Abdomen, tummy etc. You will enjoy seeing results using sauna belt.

Do You Wear Sauna Belts Inside Your Shirt Or Outside?

You can wear sauna belts inside or outside of your shirt.  We recommend experimenting with both ways.  Inside the shirt will have the best results but outside may be better if you have skin problems or are just getting started with sauna belts.  

Who all can use Sauna Belt?

Sauna belt is an ideal slimming product for both men and women. If you have skin conditions you may want to consult a doctor before use.  Sauna belts do restrict airflow to skin and should not be used for longer than 2-3 hour sessions.  We recommend keeping your first use under thirty minutes and slowly increasing session duration.  

Do Sauna Belts and Slim Belts help burn fat or is it only for water weight?

The most dramatic and fast results of sauna belts is from removing water weight.  However, mixed with exercise you will also burn fat and gain firmness.  Sauna belts give dieters a quick psychological win that can help them keep the weight off permanently.  

Do Sauna Belts Help With Loose or Sagging Skin?

Sauna Belts and Slim Belts can help with loose skin in some situations.  It depends if its water weight.  We recommend giving it a try, it’s certainly cheaper than a tummy tuck!

How do you use a sauna belt?

Sauna belts are very easy to use. Simply tie this amazing sliming belt around the affected body part and put it on.  For best results, combine the sauna belt with light aerobic exercise.  

What are the benefits of sauna belt?

The primary benefits of sauna belt are fast Weight Loss, Burning Calories , Detoxification, Back Pain Relief.

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