Coronavirus Sauna Treatment? Here’s What We Know

While there’s still a lot we don’t know about Coronavirus, sauna offers some hope of deactivating and killing the virus before it can take hold in your system – The Corona Virus hates heat. While you should not go to a public sauna if you are sick, there are good, inexpensive options for home treatment that may kill the virus before it effects you.  Indeed, hot air likely kills coronavirus and is generally good for you but if you are infected it may not help.

What Temperature Kills Coronavirus Covid19?

We know heat and high temperatures are a weakness of viruses. That’s the reason people like President Trump are holding out hope that warm weather will slow down the spread, although there’s reason to believe it will keep spreading. Studies show that 149 degrees Farenheit was enough to kill and deactivate Coronavirus MERS-CoV, compared to 77 degrees where none were killed. The sweet spot for Coronavirus is 49 degrees.

So heat does kill the coronavirus, and the hotter the better according to studies.

Can Sauna Kill Coronavirus?

Infrared Saunas that reach a temperature of 130-150 degrees F can kill coronavirus, but a Finnish Dry Sauna would be more effective, as they can reach 200 degrees.

Because they penetrate your skin, infrared saunas will be more effective and killing viruses on your skin while Finnish Saunas may be able to kill viruses in your nasal path and beyond because you will be breathing in extremely hot and humid air.

Coronavirus In The Sauna

While the virus will have a difficult time surviving in such hot, humid temperatures, and public sauna is not a safe place for avoiding viruses. You can still be effected from others.

Best Infrared Saunas For Viruses

The best infrared saunas that may offer some protection against viruses are ones that cover the entire body as much as possible. For full size portable saunas, we recommend these.

Near Infrared Saunas are also particularly well equipped to fight coronavirus, as the near infrared rays can actually penetrate the skin. SaunaSpace has the best near infrared rooms that create a haven anywhere in your home. Check them out here.

potential infrared coronavirus sauna treatment

Best Finnish Sauna for Coronavirus

Finnish Saunas offer the best protection against viruses because they can actually help deactivate the virus in your nasal and throat tracts. The best coronavirus Finnish saunas are wet saunas that allow you to pour water on the rocks for increasing humidity. Humidity has an interesting relationship with the viability of coronavirus. According to studies, the virus survives best with RH below 20% and above 80%. Wet Saunas operate between 20%-30% Relative Humidity sweet spot where coronavirus is less viable. The extreme temperatures with the unfavorable humidity may be the best one-two punch for coronavirus. The hottest temperature Finnish saunas are going to be your best bet, so wood burning saunas are often the hottest. For electric indoor saunas, small saunas rooms with oversize heaters can really do the job. We’ve had great luck with models like these, with 6kw heater in a relatively small room.

Outdoor barrel saunas are also an excellent choice.

Either way, make sure you have a thermometer and Hygrometer to dial in the best conditions (unless you’re a coronavirus).

Will Steam Kill Coronavirus?

Steam Showers and Hammam have lower temperatures and much higher humidity than traditional Finnish saunas. Steam showers may be helpful, but only if dialed down to keep humidity around 50% Relative Humidity. A good thing about steam showers is that you are really breathing in the warm air which may help deactivate virus if you are in the early or late stages of an infection.

We recommend something like this with accurate humidity and temperature controls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sauna and Coronavirus

Can Infrared Sauna Kill Coronavirus?

It’s possible that an infrared sauna could kill coronavirus on your skin but it would not help an already infected person because saunas won’t raise the temperature much in the lungs or sinuses.

Can You Kill Coronavirus With a Blowdryer?

There is no evidence that you can kill coronavirus with a blowdryer but in theory you could disinfect a certain area with a blowdryer.  It’s unlikely using a blowdryer up your nose will maintain the necessary temperatures to kill the coronavirus by the time the air mixes with your system.  It may help, it’s just not studies.

What Is Cold Arrest Procedure?

The cold arrest procedure is an unscientific method of using water and a hairdryer to kill the coronavirus in your sinuses.  It’s been suggested that cold arrest procedure for coronavirus has been largely debunked, and there’s no evidence that it works.

Does Cold Arrest Procedure Work For Killing Coronavirus?

It’s unlikely that the Cold Arrest Procedure works to kill coronavirus, and you’re more likely to damage your sinuses. There’s no evidence that it will kill the virus.  If you choose to try the cold arrest procedure, use extreme caution and stop immediately if you start feeling pain in your sinuses.  Additionally, this method WILL NOT kill the virus if it has advanced to your lungs.  There is no way to reach your lungs with heat that would kill COVID-19, and if you could you would damage your lungs.

At What Temperature Does Coronavirus Die?

COVID-19, the current strain of coronavirus is not studied yet but we know that it likes a cool temperature around 40-60 degrees F.  The warmer it gets, the less viable it becomes and it likely cannot survive consistent heat above 120 degrees F.  For that reason, it is reasonable to believe a sauna can kill the coronavirus but you will not be able to kill it after infection using external heat.  There is some speculation that the current coronavirus COVID-19 may be heat resistant but we do not know yet.

What Did Michael Osterholm Say About Sauna Coronavirus on The Joe Rogan Podcast?

Michael Osterholm is the type of expert you want to be listening to in a global pandemic.  He was one of the first to not sugarcoat the deadly potential of the outbreak when he appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast on March 10th.  So far he has been right about how the virus would advance.  Notably, when Joe Rogan asked Michael Osterholm about killing the coronavirus in a sauna, Michael Osterholm bluntly said that it would not work because you cannot kill a virus if it has reached the lungs.

Should I be Going To The Gym During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

It’s best to stay away from the gym during the coronavirus outbreak.  Even if the sauna room itself is sterile due to the heat, there are plenty of doorknobs and other chances to infect yourself at the gym.  It’s best to stay home.  Consider a home sauna.