9 Best Sauna Pants for Women in 2020

To be honest, buying sauna pants is not complicated and should not take much time. If you really want to dive into the details of what makes the best sauna pants, we have plenty of in depth reviews and information below.

However, if you just want our recommendation based on reliable reviews, you can save some time and buy the Litthing Sauna Pants. Our recommendation for sauna pants that work.

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Most physical and fitness activities are morphing and evolving into multifunctional enterprises, and sauna suits and pants are a good example. Through study, it has been proven that sauna suits induce sweating, increase endurance, and enhances performance thus helping you lose weight much faster. 

Most Sauna pants or suits are made of Neoprene or Nylon, but Neoprene is most preferred due to its amazing properties, such as extreme durability and resilience.

Neoprene will take you through the toughest exercises while preventing any odor-causing bacteria. You should stay away from any sauna pants made of plastic-based materials. 

With that said, the best sauna pants for women are…

9 Best Sauna Pants + Full Reviews

1 Hevto Winter Workout Leggings

Hevto Winter Workout Leggings

The pants are high waisted and nice in design, and the red stripes on your thighs rhyme well with the black fabric. The neoprene material is not thick, which makes it easier putting them on during workouts and they are also breathable. Another ...
2 IEANL Women Yoga Pants

IEANL Women Yoga Pants

These pants come in blue with a silver lining running across the waist. They are also stretchy and fit snugly in the thigh and butt region. The sizing chart is also pretty easy to follow, if you are size 8, you should settle for medium-sized yoga ...
3 L & Sports Pants for Women

L & Sports Pants for Women

These leggings are made of durable neoprene material with 4-way stretching stitches which reduces any sudden tearing when you lounge or squat during workouts. Plus it is lightweight and ultra-soft, and these attributes make this material ...
4 Brazilian Belle Weight Loss Pants

Brazilian Belle Weight Loss Pants

These pants are made of wet suit grade neoprene which is of premium quality, and they help increase the thermogenic temperature of your body. It will not only help you shed off some pounds but also help remove toxins and water weight in your body.  ...
5 SEXYWG Weight Loss Leggings for Women

SEXYWG Weight Loss Leggings for Women

These leggings are made of neoprene and polyester material which makes it flexible and durable. It helps absorb sweat leaving your body dry and comfortable during intense workouts. Also, the high waisted design is great for women with protruding ...
6 Ursexyl Women Sauna Leggings

Ursexyl Women Sauna Leggings

These sauna leggings appear cute and fashionable as the design features 3 light reflection strips to make you visible as you workout at night. Also, the mesh design beneath your crotch and thighs helps keep your body cool and fresh during intense ...
7 TrainingGirl High Waist Sauna Sweat Pants for Women

TrainingGirl High Waist Sauna Sweat Pants for Women

TrainingGirl is a trusted brand that offers its customers some of the best quality sauna pants in the market. The material, Neoprene, is sturdy and it fits snugly to make sure the seams don't rip when you lounge or exercise during your workout ...
Best seller 8 Litthing Sauna Sweat Pants

Litthing Sauna Sweat Pants

These leggings are made of unique Thermo neoprene material, which makes your body sweat profusely a few minutes into your workout. The benefits are amazing, not only does it help you shed that extra weight on your thigh and waist region, but it ...
9 HOTSUIT Sauna Pants for Women

HOTSUIT Sauna Pants for Women

These sauna pants are designed with a unique fabric known as Silver-heat REH G1.0 which makes you sweat profusely within a few minutes into your workout, and this helps you shed that extra fat. Plus this fabric prevents any bacterial action on your ...

What Are Sauna Pants and How Do They Work?

Sauna pants work like sauna suits – they make you sweat profusely during light fitness sessions by increasing body heat and promoting weight loss.

Unlike sauna suits, sauna pants look great and can be worn in public. They look very similar to yoga pants, the main difference is they are usually made out of neoprene and will make you sweat and promote weight loss.

To start with, sauna pants are waterproof, and they work by raising the wearer’s internal body temperature, leading to heavier perspiration as one works out. To maintain the perspiration, your body will burn body fat to provide the needed energy which leads to faster weight loss.

Again, the sauna pants will help you achieve a precise body temperature that’s scientifically proven to activate a metabolic response and release of heat stress protein cells, thus helping you shed that water weight faster. 

Plus, extreme sweating increases the efficacy of your body organs by removing toxins and they thus save you the trouble of going to a spa for a hot bath. Additionally, you can rock the pants during various intense outdoor workouts, such as hiking or kayaking.

But, as it is with any products, it is good to do a little research before committing to purchase these pants. To save you the time and the search, we researched and tested 10 of the best sauna pants for women and came up with the insightful reviews below.

Do sauna pants work? Sauna pants are a reliable way to loose weight fast, they do work. However, the weight you loose is mostly water weight. They can help you shed some pounds fast which is a great way to get momentum for long-term weight loss.

How Long Should I Wear Sauna Pants

Wearing sauna pants allows you to sweat longer than you’d be able to in the sauna. It’s a little different for everyone, but in general you should wear the best sauna pants for 10-30 minutes after you start to sweat profusely and your body temperature may spike. Listen to your body and take a break if you feel lightheaded or dizzy. If the sweat stops, that’s actually a sign that you need to drink water. Always Sauna responsibly!

Wrapping Up

The best sauna pants for women, also known as the weight loss pants, are designed to give you a great workout experience as they increase your body’s metabolic cycle which in turn increases perspiration. To maintain the perspiration, your body will burn fat to provide the energy and it leads to faster weight loss. They have been proven to be effective with great health benefits.

The best part about sauna suits, including neoprene weight loss pants is that it is used with a fitness routine. Seeing the additional, almost immediate benefits of weight loss pants can supercharge your motivation to loose weight.

However, do not subject your body to too much heat or too intense workouts if you have not been training with one for a while. One thing with going hard the first time is the risk of overheating (hyperthermia). Thus, you should avoid high intensity and go moderate to vigorous. Again, if you have any medical condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, or anything that interferes with your body’s thermoregulation, consult your doctor first.

The best sauna suit will differ for everyone. You’ll have to consider your style, body type, exercise routine, and climate.