Best Sauna Accessories and Gift Ideas of 2020

After finding the perfect infrared home sauna, the next step is to find the right kind of sauna accessories. These accessories will make you feel complete and you can spend any amount of time feeling comfortable and relaxed, far from all the worries of the world. 

But there are tens of thousands of sauna accessories that you need to keep by your side. It is important that you only pick the right ones so that you don’t end up overspending on the items that you don’t need.  

So, we have reviewed the top 10 best sauna accessories of 2020.

Best Sauna Towels

Linen Spa Towels

A combination of 75% linen and 25% cotton is used in the manufacturing of these best linen sauna bath towels. You can use it for massage because of their slightly and firm rough loops.  

This natural linen fiber towel is significantly coarser as compared to cotton and more soft bamboo. You will experience a softer towel after a series of washing. Apart from that, this spa sauna towel is an organic, healthy, and pure linen roughness. 

Whenever you use this towel you feel massage, which improves blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, your organs get maximum oxygen. Moreover, your body functions will become more active. Plus, the vigilance of the body increases and working capacity also increases.

This is a biodegradable and sustainable bathing sauna towel. Another good point is that the colors of this Linen sauna towel don’t fade with a series of wash. You can use this luxurious linen towel for spa, massage, and home. 

This rough textured sauna towel is also suitable for children because it is handmade and keeps your baby’s skin glowing and healthy. You can also use it in winter because it also keeps you warm.  

It is available in two sizes; one size comes with 80-cm x 150-cm and the other one has a 50-cm x 100-cm dimension.


  • Delivers natural Micro massage effects that increase your blood circulation.
  • These are the best sauna accessories and available in two sizes so choose which one is perfect for you.
  • Best value for money rough linen sauna and bath spa towel.
  • Constructed from 25% cotton and 75% linen that makes it softer.
  • Provides plenty of health benefits like increases your work capacity. 


  • Not certified by Oeko-Tex. 

Best Fire Gloves for Sauna

Panacea 15331 Gloves

When you are dealing with fire and heat, safety is always a priority. Therefore, Panacea is manufacturing the best fire gloves for you. The company uses premium quality leather material to construct it, which makes it comfortable and durable. These gloves offer outstanding protection against burns and splinters with tending your fire.

Moreover, it keeps your hands safe and sounds around all grills and fires. The dimension of this product is 1.4-inch x 5-inch x 3-inch and weighs 11.2-ounces. You can wear this lightweight glove as sauna accessories for a longer period.

Now you can comfortably perform those tasks that are related to fires. The leather construction adds shining to the gloves. So, it is not compulsory to wear at your home. You can use it in your office or your workplace such as garages.       

You can also gift these Panacea gloves to your coworkers, friends, or family. This is because if its durability and comfort level. These are special Sunna gloves so it will also massage your hands and keeps them fresh. If you want to use it in your home, then it is recommended to use it for opening the lid or putting logs into your stoves. 

One more good thing is that these gloves also cover your arm a little bit, which increases the safety level as well. The thick construction permits you to grab a piece of burning coal or wood without any discomfort. 


  • Leather construction gloves protect you from burns and splinters.
  • It comes with the additional shine that makes it attractive and stylish.
  • Ideal for fireplaces because of excellent protection against fires. 
  • Dimension is 1.4-inch x 5-inch x 3-inch and weighs 11.2-ounce so you can wear it comfortably for a longer time. 
  • You can give it as a gift to your coworker or family member. 


  • Sauna accessories gloves are only available in brown color. 

Best Sauna Book

The Opposite of Cold – The Northwoods Finnish Sauna-Tradition   

This is a very decent and beautiful book for those who are sauna lovers or Minnesotan. Through this book, you will read why Finnish sauna tradition is enduring and vital, from the warm summer evening to the cold winter nights. 

The Finnish sauna is an uncertain structure, made with stone and wood. With time, both stone and wood become fails and finally these become good memories. 

It is the size of a coffee table book. The best thing is that it has plenty of amazing photographs that are captured by Aaron W Hautala. The writer Michael Nordskog writes the history of sauna in the most fascinating way, plus shares some personal stories. 

On the other hand, he also covers the Midwestern Northwoods saunas and many other lakesides. This book will describe the sauna construction, its culture, and operations too. The engaging writing style lets you understand the home sauna or sauna spa even if you don’t have any previous knowledge about it.  

After reading this book you will be able to make your own sauna. And you will get an improved and very refreshing experience, especially for the first time. This book has also covered the sauna tradition. The writer also describes plenty of useful Sauna accessories that deliver you the luxurious sauna experience.   


  • Describing all about sauna construction, operation, and its culture. 
  • Consisting of plenty of beautiful and glossy photographs that fascinate in a great way. 
  • You can build your own sauna after reading this decent book. 
  • Comprises of 187-page, published in the English language, and published by Univ Of Minnesota Press on September 14, 2010.
  • The writer used simple and easy language to convey his stories, sauna history and much more.  


  • Not recommended for children because of some naked pictures. 
  • More emphasis on the sauna’s culture.  

Best Digital Sauna Thermometer

ThermoPro TP50 Thermometer

ThermoPro is providing you the best solution for a comfortable environment and a healthier life with a TP50 indoor digital hygrometer. This humidity meter comes with an icon of humidity level, which indicates air conditions such as dry, comfort, or wet. The humidity sensor is always aware of changes to your home with a quick glance. 

This digital hygrometer thermometer is accurate, which displays low and high temperatures and humidity. You can also use this thermometer for fluctuating reading such as in a greenhouse because it is highly accurate. This monitor gives you updates on a daily basis so you can say that this is the best sauna accessory. 

Plenty of users are confused about its placement but ThermoPro digital thermometer gives you two mounting options. It comes with a stand so you can easily place it on a tabletop. In addition to that, it has a magnet as well so you are also able to attach it to household appliances. 

Apart from that, you can use it as a sauna thermometer and place it inside the sauna room or cabin.             

It comes with a 3.2-inch screen monitor screen that displays the humidity level and temperature in digits so you can read those reading easily. 

Another best thing is that it comes with a rechargeable battery so you can easily charge it when it drains.    

Furthermore, this is the best indoor humidity control thermometer that delivers plenty of health benefits and a healthier environment. This smart design digital thermometer is also suitable for humidor hygrometer, sauna thermometer, soil thermometer, freezer thermometer, cigar hygrometer, reptile thermometer, and much more.    


  • Smart design thermometer providing two mounting options such as tabletop stand, a back magnet.  
  • Indicates the air conditions such as wet, comfort, or dry with air comfort indicator due to humidity sensor. 
  • Highly accurate low and high temperature and also measure fluctuating reading. 
  • Perfect as refrigerator, reptile, cigar, soil, freezer, sauna, humidor, and much more.
  • The company gives you 3 years warranty along with excellent customer services.  


  • The humidity scale is fairly accurate.
  • A 3.2-inch monitor screen showing too much information that is difficult to read.

 Best Sauna Timer

Wood Trim Sauna Sand Timer

The company uses premium quality beech and aluminum to construct the sand timer frame. This material makes it sturdy, reliable, and durable. Therefore, you can use it inside the sauna cabin in the place of a clock. The high-quality wood construction makes it reliable in the hot humid condition or environment. 

You can simply mount it inside the sauna wall without any hassle. The good thing is that it is well crafted and well balanced for showing the finest detail. 

Additionally, this sauna sand timer takes exactly 15 minutes from the top to the bottom. 

The company aligned this sand timer with a wooden mounting strip vertically. Plus, screwing through the drilled pilot hole. The purpose of good quality screwing is to hide the mounting band behind the wood sand timer perfectly. 

The suitable places are an exercise room, yoga training session, in the classroom, and much more. One more good way to use this wood trim sauna sand timer is for an indoor or outdoor clock. 


  • Premium quality construction makes it durable, accurate, reliable, and convenient to use. 
  • Works perfectly even in hot humid places so it is the best sand timer for saunas
  • It comes with a wall mounting option and you can quickly configure it due to its smart design.
  • Also suitable for the exercise room, in the classroom, and for the indoor or outdoor clock. 
  • Provides wonderful customer services so contact freely if you have any queries.


  • Hard to read values.
  • Fair glass quality reduces its durability. 

Best Sauna Ladle and Bucket  

Stainless Steel Bucket

A good-quality bucket is a beautiful accessory of the sauna. The stainless-steel material is used to construct this premium quality bucket. It comes with a wooden handle design that makes it easy to carry. This can easily hold one gallon of hot water for creating vapor. 

Additionally, the material makes it reliable and durable. The wooden handle provides easy gripping so you can comfortably use it. This is the most stylish and more functional accessory for the sauna. The stainless-steel material makes the bucket both heat and moisture-resistant. 

The outer layer is finished in a luxurious way that gives it an attractive appearance. Moreover, it will also give you improved sauna experience to you. 

Moreover, the vapor water makes your sauna environment a luxurious cabin. Make sure to purchase the best quality ladle along with this stainless-steel bucket. This ladle helps you in a great way.       


  • Constructed with stainless steel that makes it durable and reliable. 
  • It comes with a wooden ergonomic handle that makes the gripping convenient.
  • The bucket can hold 1 gallon of water.
  • The bucket is heat and moisture resistant so you will use it for a longer period. 


  • Purchasing ladle is an additional expense. 
  • Difficult to hold a lined handle. 

Best Sauna Rocks

Sauna Heater Stones or Rocks

If you are looking for superior quality rocks or stones for your saunas then here is the best product. This is a special size combination rocks and perfect for plenty of sauna heater models. 

These are also ideal for replacing the existing stone of your saunas. If you have configured a new sauna setup then this product should be in your purchasing list.

These stones generate soft heat whenever you put water on it as compared to other rocks. And this soft heat is an essential part of sauna that will give you deluxe experience. 

Moreover, it is not compulsory to use these rocks or stones for an electric sauna, you can also use this sauna accessory for wood sauna confidently. The size of the rock is about a cubic foot so you can comfortably use it any type of sauna for achieving a good sauna experience.      


  • Ideal for all types of saunas heater such as electric or wood.
  • Premium quality stone generates soft heat, which delivers a luxurious feel. 
  • The company gives you outstanding customer services.
  • Quality construction makes it durable and holds heat well. 


  • It doesn’t come with a huge variety of sizes. 

Best Speaker For Sauna Music

JBL Flip & Portable Speaker

If you want to enjoy music while relaxing your muscles inside the sauna then you can purchase JBL waterproof and portable speakers. This sauna accessory will entertain you while you are losing your weight inside the cabin.

Another good point of this Bluetooth speaker is that you can also use it in water. This speaker is IPX7 waterproof rated so there is no need to worry about water spills, rains. The Bluetooth connectivity also enhances its functionality. You can create a connection before going to the sauna cabin and then enjoy your music as well without any concern.     

It is accessible in stunning and attractive 8 colors that also enhances the appearance of your sauna spa. It has an inbuilt rechargeable 3000mAh battery so you can enjoy music for up to 12 hours. In addition to that, it also delivers the best bass and reduces noise levels.   

The good thing is that you can also talk to Google or Siri by pressing a button. This is the best echo-canceling portable speaker that permits you to enjoy conferences call with crystal clear voice. Now, you can talk with a group of your friends while taking the sauna by using these portable and waterproof speakers.


  • Bluetooth wireless enhances its functionality. 
  • Equipped with an IPX7 waterproof so no need to worry about water spills or rain.
  • It comes with a rechargeable 3000mAh battery that gives you up to 12-hour playtime. 
  • Lightweight construction makes it portable. 
  • The compact speaker delivers an unexpectedly powerful audio sound.
  • Available in eight attractive and stunning colors that increase your sauna environment.    


  • Battery life weakening exponentially.
  • Delivery poor bass at high volume.  

Best Essential Oils

Essential Sauna Oils

Essentials oils give you an improved and pleasant the sauna experience. Essential oils are suitable for a home sauna because they produce an exceptional aroma and sterility of a home sauna. 

Moreover, these are unique liquids that are used for multiple purposes such as killing bacteria, clearing of lungs, and more. They make the smell of home sauna awesome. 

If you want to enjoy the wonderful bathing experience then you must put these oils on the rock during the sauna spa.      

These essential oils are one of the most popular accessories of the saunas even they are home saunas or commercial level saunas. 

These are available in various flavors such as sandalwood, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, frankincense, and more. So, purchase your favorite one and enjoy your sauna spa.

For the best weight loss and detox teas, which also make excellent gifts click here.


  • Available in different fragrances such as tea tree, pine, balsam, birch, citrus, and more.
  • Different types of essential oils give you a unique experience. 
  • Some oils are used for increased sweating.
  • Unique liquids eliminate the smell and produce a pretty cool fragrance to keep you relaxed. 
  • It provides plenty of health benefits such as killing bacteria, lungs clearing, and so on.


  • Certain oils are highly flammable.
  • Choosing the right one is a difficult task. 

Best Sauna Hat

Borsch Sauna Hat

If you are looking for a hat for protecting your hair from high temperature then there is a need to purchase Sauna hat by Borsch. It is the best sauna accessory that keeps your head and hair from any damage. The company uses natural 100% sheep wools to construct this the best sauna hat.   

In addition to that, this organic material also makes this hat lightweight and softer as compared to others. it comes with a 3.00mm thickness that means it really protects you from overheating. This eco-friendly hat provides protection from harmful hair effects.

Furthermore, it comes with a loop that is placed on the top of the hat. Drying and storing this hat is now effortless. This high-quality Borsch sauna hat is available in graphite color. This is unisex and comes in only one size that is perfect for men or women.   


  • Constructed with natural and organic 100% sheep’s wool that makes it eco-friendly.
  • The weightless, softer Borsch Hat comes with a 3.0 mm thickness.
  • Protects your air from overheating and heat stokes. 
  • Storage and drying are easy due to a convenient loop. 


  • Available in only one color and one size.

Weight Loss Tools For Sauna

We have reviewed some of the best products to loose weight by sweating.  You can check out our reviews on the best sauna belts, sauna pants, and sauna blankets.

Final Words

So there you have it. This was our list of the top 10 best sauna accessories of 2020. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule that you need to strictly follow this list. You might have some of the items of your own in your mind. 

This list serves to be a starting point for those who are new to these home saunas. We want your experience to be holistic and fully indulging. Therefore, this list of sauna accessories will get you started. You can always add or remove sauna accessories to make your time more relaxing.

So, which one of these do you think are must-haves and which ones do you think you will pass! Share your views in the comment section below!