Best Infrared Sauna Blanket for Weight Loss in 2020

Best Infrared Sauna Blanket for Weight Loss in 2020


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  • 【POWERFUL FUNCTION】: Please note that there is no button battery in the remote control, please buy it yourself. Far-infrared tissue emits 9-14 µm far-infrared radiation, which can resonate with cells of the same frequency in the human body. Remove sweat from the body to achieve a healthy effect. Even in different sleeping positions, it also has flexible stretching capabilities.

When you go through those invigorating treatments at your local salon or spa, you would have thought about having your own sauna spa at home. This will enable you to have a relaxing time whenever you want. This way, you won’t have to take care of any schedule and, of course, you won’t have to pay a dime either.

But setting up a sauna spa may cost you a fortune. This is where a sauna blanket comes in handy.

A sauna blanket features far-infrared rays that have a tendency to penetrate your body. This will enable your body to sweat profusely. These rays can assist you in detoxification, weight loss, and other health benefits.

Then why doesn’t everyone buy a sauna blanket and start taking health benefits? Choosing the best infrared sauna blanket out of overwhelming options isn’t that easy. You need to consider various features before buying the best sauna blanket.

But don’t worry, we have developed the best sauna blanket reviews to help you find the right product for you in no time.

Let’s delve into the reviews and find out which one is the best infrared sauna blanket for you.

Uttiny Sauna Blankets

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Do you want the safest detoxification and infrared sauna blanket for toning up your body? Well, we suggest you Uttiny waterproof sauna blankets because it comes with far-infrared. This far infrared sauna releases 9-um to 14-um radiation so it generates resonances with frequency cells in the human body.

Here’s the best part…

It comes with fat losing features that can be oxidized into water, carbon dioxide, and other oxygen compounds. This helps to eliminate fat from your body by sweating.

Additionally, it helps in detoxification and weight loss in a healthy way. Another best thing is that it is a less time consuming and energy-saving sauna blanket because you can adjust the temperature and timing according to your requirements. It offers 35 degrees to 75 degrees Celsius temperature and set 15 minutes to 60minutes time.

This is the safest sauna blanket because it automatically stops heating by disconnecting the line and beeping alarm for one minute when the temperature is in excess of 85 degrees Celsius.

The outer layer of Uttiny sauna blanket is made with high-quality materials that make it flexible and stretchy. Your purchase also comes with a wire that makes it the best for exquisite therapy.

This far-infrared fir blanket is the best alternate of an hour riding, 100 sit-ups, 30 minutes yoga, an hour of running and swimming.


  • It comes with an automatic stop protection feature that provides you safest thermal heat.
  • Made from premium quality materials, which make it stretchy and flexible.
  • The best way to lose weight and shape up your weight.
  • Comes with a 70.8-inch x 3.4-inch blanket is suitable for under 6’1 users.
  • Accessible in two colors and the best energy and time-saving blanket.


  • Flat due to less thickness.
  • Produces some irritating smell.
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Gizmo Supply Sauna Blankets

Out choice for the best infrared sauna blanket on the market 2020

Best Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Gizmo Supply is manufacturing the most comfortable and long-lasting infrared sauna blanket. The company uses improved heating elements such as carbon fiber and infrared technology that enhances infrared rays to 9.87-um.

It is equipped with 3 independent heating zones so you can select a specific zone according to your requirements. You can choose between the waist section, lower body, and upper body. You are also able to adjust the temperature from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The waterproof PVC materials are used during the construction of its interior, which makes it soft with versatile tensile potentials. Consequently, you can enjoy a combination of sleep position with comfort. The design of the heating wire is also very stretchy. This Gizmo Supply blanket is a compact sauna blanket that makes the storage and usage conveniently.

On the other hand, the top quality PU material made the outside unit with a combination of polyurethane and leather. The PU coating comes with strong water-repellent traits and can be easily maintained and cleaned.

Gizmo infrared sauna blankets help to reduce inflammation, lose weight, burn calories, and lower cholesterol. The benefits of infrared blanket involve increase blood flow, detoxification, soothe sore joints and muscles, and much more.

If you’re looking for the best infrared sauna blanket – well, that’s easy.  Buy the Gizmo Supply sauna blanket.


  • Not delivers enough heat at the lower and upper part of the body.
  • The flaps at the shoulders and feet have no Velcro straps.


  • Accessible in two shapes regular and x-large.
  • Equipped with a carbon fiber heating element.
  • 3 independent heating zones.
  • The regular infrared blanket comes with a 68-inch length and 38-inch width.
  • Adjust heating zones by using a compact controller.
  • Easy to maintain, store, and clean.
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TOUKUN Sauna Blankets

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You can take advantage of TOUKUN infrared sauna blanket to make your body slim by losing your weight in a better way. This far infrared blanket’s fabric releases 9-um to 14-um radiation of far-infrared. It means that it generates resonances along with the similar frequency cells in your body. For that reason natural thermal makes you sweat which helps to take off your body weight.

What’s more?

You can adjust the temperature by using the remote controller from 35 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, you are able to set timing from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

This slimming sauna blanket minimizes weight as well as detoxifies the back and front of the body. It also helps to burn fat, slender legs and arms, Detox, lose weight, and squeeze belly. These rays penetrate into your body, macromolecular vibration, and convert it into heat energy.

As a result, it maximizes the temperature of deep-skin tissues, improves body circulation, clears the meridians, speeds up metabolism, and other slimming therapy.

It comes with a zip so you can zip up to the neck for better results. The cleaning of this sauna blanket is effortless; you just need a piece of wet cloth for wiping the blanket.


  • A combination of PU and PVC materials makes it durable, comfortable, and waterproof.
  • Automatically stop heating when it reaches 85 degrees Celsius.
  • It comes with a two-zone heating controller.
  • Ideal for losing weight and get a thin body.
  • You can set the time between 15 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Increases the temperature of skin tissues, blood circulation, and slimming therapy.


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TTLIFE Sauna Blankets

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If you are searching for a sauna blanket for relaxing treatments then TTLIFE should be your first priority. This heat blanket works on infrared heating therapy and absorbs far-infrared rays.

It helps to promote blood circulation, get rid of toxins and metabolic waste. Benefits of infrared include relaxing stiff muscles, burn fat, and lose weight in a natural way.

The company uses top grade environmental Oxford cloth to construct the outside of the blanket. This environment material makes it multi-functional, durable, comfortable, and reliable.

Due to the use of waterproof PVC in its interior, you can comfortably enjoy your sleep with multiple sleeping positions.

You can also personalize the setting of temperature and timing as per your requirements. It is equipped with 2 zone temperature control that helps to tone up your body. This blanket is suitable for recovering therapy as well as relaxing treatments.

You can also use it for professional Detox therapy as well as an anti-aging beauty machine. However, you have to purchase a separate battery for using a remote controller. These portable sauna blankets are compact so you can easily fold after use.


  • Ideal for relaxing treatments, Detox pain relief, and recovering therapy.
  • Oxford cloth top quality has been used to construct its outsider.
  • Waterproof PVC interior makes it flexible for comfort and multiple sleeping positions.
  • Equipped with infrared dry heat and two-zone temperature control.
  • Adjustable features and time permit you to adjust them as you want.


  • It doesn’t have color options.
  • It doesn’t come with a battery that is an additional expense.
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Lofan Sauna Blankets

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Lofan is made of skin-friendly materials. These materials include top-grade oxford fabric and high-grade PU material, which are safer to use. The best feature is that it is waterproof and soft with flexible tensile. You can enjoy the sauna blanket benefits in multiple sleeping positions.

This blanket delivers outstanding health benefits such as relaxing the muscles, burning calories, slimming, improving immunity, and much more.

In addition to that, it is suitable for postpartum women, beauty lovers, losing weight, and rehabilitation therapy.

Furthermore, Lofan presented the upgrade sauna blanket that comes with a stretch-out hand function for relaxing yourself. This hands-free design allows you to read the newspaper, books, listening to music, use a cell phone or tablet for watching a movie, and so on.

The company gives you a one-year warranty because it is the most reliable and comfortable blanket for you.

This portable blanket is constructed with infrared technology that makes it the safest as well. It is lightweight so you can conveniently store it.

Here’s the best feature… It comes with a remote controller so you can customize its setting according to your requirements.

A combination of speed increase and the perfect control in temperature reduces the consumption of electricity. You can set up time from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.


  • The temperature adjustment feature lets you adjust speed and temperature.
  • Suitable for leisure chambers, spa, beauty salon, and home use.
  • The display screen tells you about temperature and time.
  • Waterproof Oxford fabric and high-grade PU materials made its interior and exterior.
  • It comes with a 70.87-inch x 31.5-inch dimension.
  • Lofan gives you a 30-day guarantee as well as a one-year warranty.


  • Doesn’t have an automatic shutoff feature.
  • Instructions about troubleshooting are hard to understand.
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4YANG Sauna Blankets

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You can read a newspaper or use your cell phones while wearing 4Yang sauna blankets. This is possible due to its hands-free design. It comes with a double upper zipper that allows you to release your hands while using this blanket. Thus, you can read books, play games on tablets, and much more.

This sauna blanket can save you a lot of energy and time because you can adjust the time and temperature as you want. You can adjust from 15 minutes to 60 minutes time and 35 degrees to 75 degrees Celsius temperature.

Here’s the best part… The safety feature disconnects the line when the temperature reaches above 85 degrees.

The company uses top grade material to construct the outsider layer that makes it stretchy and more flexible. Thus, you can use it for exquisite therapy.

Apart from this, 4YANG sauna blankets help to reduce your body fat, burn calories, and relax your stiff muscles. You can use these infrared saunas in your home as well as offices.

Last but not least… Its seven layers include infrared, thermally conductive, waterproof, heating, shield, thermal insulation, and heating locking layers. The electro-thermal carbon fiber technology is used during the construction of the heating layer.


  • It comes with a hands-free design that makes it effective and fun.
  • Premium quality materials make it flexible and stretchy.
  • Ideal for losing weight, and an exquisite therapy.
  • Features automatically stop protection to provide the safest blanket.
  • The best energy and time-saving sauna blanket.
  • Seven layers deliver a safe and efficient sauna experience.


  • No color options available.
  • Zip comes with less quality.
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HUKOER Sauna Blankets

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Huoker sauna blanket is equipped with unique heating infrared therapy that delivers plenty of health benefits. The exterior of this blanket is made off the environmental protection 2nd generation Oxford cloth, which doesn’t produce any awful odor.

Additionally, Oxford cloth makes it softer, lighter, and waterproof. The interior is made with waterproof PVC that makes it stretchy, flexible and you can enjoy combination sleeping positions.

Here’s the best part…

You can adjust the temperature between 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 176 degrees Fahrenheit, also set timing from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

HUKOER sauna blankets come with unique infrared heating therapy. When infrared rays penetrate the skin, they promote improved blood flow.

This blanket has an enhanced security protection switch. Whenever a circuit creates a problem, the switch automatically disconnects for your safety in 0.01 seconds.

This multi-function infrared sauna blanket can be used to relax and relieve stress, stiff muscles, and more. The professionals can also use it for Detox, anti-aging treatment, and other beauty therapies.

This infrared technology sauna blanket is accessible in two colors pink and silver.


  • Featuring infrared dry heating and two-zone temperature controls.
  • Upgraded materials make it softer, lighter, stretchy, waterproof, odor-free, and flexible.
  • The adjustable setting of time and temperature enhances its functionality and usage.
  • Multi-functional blankets for stiff muscles, stress relief, Detox, anti-aging therapy.
  • Equipped with safety features and turns off the circuit when it reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ideal for recovering therapy such as back, leg, waist, hip or shoulder.

This is a very quality design, but probably not the best infrared sauna blanket for most people.

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Buying Guide

As there are different types of sauna blankets available, finding the right one can become a difficult job. You need to focus on some important features so that you won’t end up spending on the wrong product. So following are the key features that you need to consider before buying,


Infrared Sauna blanket’s design will allow you to determine what kind of experience you will get from it. You need to have a close look at the design. The best quality sauna blankets have three different heating zones. These zones are spacious enough and you can fit right in.

Blankets need to be foldable so you can transport them comfortably. The materials that are used in the construction of these blankets need to be waterproof and soft.


Infrared heat is safe for our bodies and it also has a rejuvenating and healing impact. These FIRs or far-infrared rays are easily absorbed by our bodies. Our skin can absorb these rays and so do our muscles. These rays have a rejuvenating effect on our tissues, organs, and cells along with our joints and bones.


Your blanket should be made of soft, strong and comfortable material. It needs to accommodate different sleep positions. These blankets feature top-quality polyurethane materials. The PU materials have the tendency to withstand high temperatures.

On the inside, these blankets feature waterproof polyvinyl. The wires inside need to handle any stretching and there should be no chemical smells as well.

Heating elements

These heating elements need to have excellent heat conductivity. The heating panels made of carbon fiber are the best and they function well for private saunas. But you cannot control them separately. But there are no other options that can best these.

Maximum temperature 

The standard temperature range that these blankets have is between 75F and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. You can comfortably select the heat level according to your preferences. Most of the blankets are able to heat up to 150F without a problem. Now, this is not that hot as a traditional sauna can get but your blanket can get pretty warm.

Seated vs. layers

These sauna blankets are designed to be used when lying down. They are designed to be snug fit so if you get all claustrophobic while being in a tight place, then you need to think about it twice before buying.

The portable saunas have seats in them and they also have more room in them and you don’t have to worry even if you are claustrophobic.

Additional features 

They come with three different heat zones and you can set different temperatures for all these zones. You can also use these different zones for different body sections.

You can also customize the blankets and set different temperatures and durations according to your needs. Some blankets come with memory and you can save your different timer preferences.

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Best Sauna Blanket FAQ

What does a sauna blanket do?

These blankets feature Far Infrared saunas and are aligned with the concept of body wrapping for detoxification of your body from any unwanted chemicals and also breaking up deposits of fatty tissues. These blankets are equally effective weight loss and reducing cellulite appearance.

Can you lose weight in an infrared sauna?

Yes, infrared saunas are effective in losing weight if you are considering buying one for this purpose. An ordinary sauna blanket will get rid of water weight but you will gain it back when your rehydrate.

Whereas, infrared rays have the ability to penetrate your skin and tissues. Therefore, it is effective in increasing your body’s metabolism. You can easily burn 200 to 600 calories with your half-hour session.

Are Infrared Saunas dangerous?

Generally, infrared rays are considered safe and have no side effects but they do have their potential risks. These saunas have a potential risk of making your overheated or dehydrated or even dizzy. But you can avoid this by drinking a good amount of water before and after the session.

What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?

There are several benefits of these Far Infrared Saunas. They can increase your blood circulation and also stimulate the sweat glands. This can assist in releasing any buildups of toxins. It can also reduce fatigue and stress. It is effective in curing arthritis, joint pain, and muscle aches.

Moreover, it boosts your metabolism and is a good practice for weight loss. Above all, it can increase your heart’s health, immune system, skin condition and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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All-in-all the best sauna blanket that you can find on the market is Gizmo. This blanket comes with three different heat zones and its max temperature is 185F. The internal materials of this blanket include PVC and carbon fiber.

Sauna blankets are of tremendous help when it comes to maintaining good physical and mental health. They are good for reducing stress and also improve your heart condition. Another excellent feature of these saunas is that they are very portable and you can set them up anywhere else.

So which of these sauna blankets have you used before? Do you have any favorites? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Happy healthy!