11 Best Infrared Mats in 2020 and Why You Need One

Infrared rays are considered to be very beneficial for our body and skin. Having a good quality infrared mat under your feet (or a sauna blanket!) can provide you comfort throughout the day.

The best infrared mats have the ability to keep your feet nice, warm, and comfortable while you do your chores in the kitchen or your home, standing at the counter or your sink. These mats will boost circulation in your feet and legs, and they will also keep your skin healthy.

We have gone through many products online and gathered a list of top 10 best-infrared mats for you to consider. So read on to find everything you need to know about these handy spa treatment providers!

Best Infrared Mats – Reviews 

MediCrystal Mini Infrared Mat

The primary feature of the MediCrystal mat is a thick layer of 18 layers system. Additionally, the company uses Purple 100% natural Amethyst crystals that make it the best infrared heating mat. 

When the stones become warm, they naturally discharge negative ions and far-infrared deep heat impact. Moreover, your purchase comes with air mesh 3D cushioning pad, protective multilayer waterproof cover, storage and carrying bag, and user manual. 

These are the mini mats, and the overall dimension is 32-inch x 20-inch and far-infrared heating area at 26-inch x 18-inch. It is also accessible in 8 sizes and 2 styles, so you can pick according to your requirements.

In addition to that, it weighs approximately 10 lbs, which makes it portable and compact. It has a digital controller that permits you to configure session time and temperature.  


  • Premium quality construction protects you from dangerous electromagnetic fields.
  • Equipped with an innovative Zero EMF heating system that delivers overheat protection while maintaining a temperature between 86 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  • The company gives you a 2 years warranty. 
  • Covered with a multilayer waterproof cover for protecting it from dust, spills, and sweat.    


  • Comes with a short power cord.

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UTK Infrared Mat

Do you want a good quality infrared mat to restore the health of tensioned muscles? Well, the UTK is manufacturing the best infrared mat for relaxing your body. The company uses PU soft leather on both sides of the mat. Besides, they also use the PP non-toxic cotton and Natural 126 Individual certified Jade Stone that remove negative ions when this mat is heating up. 

The biggest benefits of these ions are enhancing oxygenation to the brain, plus softly calm your mind and body. It comes with a versatile size 21-inch x 31-inch that is perfect for taking care of sore muscles in your shoulder, legs, abdomen, arms, back, and more. 

The best thing is that you can lie or sit on this full-featured mat. There are plenty of advantages to using it, including increases blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, and pains.

Furthermore, it is equipped with the best carbon fiber element of heating, which emits far-infrared rays that evenly and deeply penetrate throughout the tissue, muscles, and skin of the body. You can adjust the temperature from 103 degrees Fahrenheit to 159 degrees Fahrenheit by 1-degree increment.         


  • Comes with a smart digital controller.
  • Featuring a particular heat setting for adjusting the heat.   
  • Auto shut-off function prevents burn and conserves energy. 
  • Solid construction makes it comfortable, reliable, and versatile. 


  • Low-quality controllers aren’t long-lasting. 
  • Produces some smoky smell after some time.   

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Charmed Far-Infrared Mat

If you are suffering from stress, muscle, and joint pain, or further maladies, then the Charmed heating mat is the ultimate tool. It is ideal for increasing blood circulation and metabolism and reducing chemo, rheumatism, and arthritis symptoms. Both men and women can happily optimize their natural health.    

On the other hand, it is a long-lasting infrared mat because it is constructed with 17 layers containing radiant heat, tourmaline, and amethyst stones. It has the best crystals for relaxation; cleanse tissues, detoxifying, boosting immunity, and much more.

This crystal healing infrared mat comes with a 20-inch x 30-inch size and weighs 9 lbs. So you can easily carry it with you if you are going to travel or more.        


  • The adjustable temperature settings permit you to operate it according to your needs.
  • Radiant heat that penetrates more than 6-inch in your body. 
  • Premium quality construction makes it a lightweight, portable, flexible infrared mat.  
  • Delivers plenty of health benefits such as relaxing your stiff muscles, stress relief, and increases blood flow. 
  • Comes with a 2 years warranty. 
  • FDA registered.


  • Uncomfortable for laying.

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SkyGenius Infrared Mat


The SkyGenius is one of the best mats because of innovative heating Graphene materials. This mat is consisting of 4-inch x 6-inch 4 pieces of films of Graphene that act as a heating element.    

According to research, all living things require sunshine for far-infrared heat. That’s why the heating film gives natural far-infrared radiation, which is highly compatible with the human body. 

The best feature is that you can configure the temperature settings from 113 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it features a safety function, known as auto shut off, which automatically turns off the heating element after an hour.  

You can use it when you are going to sleep because, after an hour, it automatically shut off its heating element.


  • Constructed with four pieces of advanced Graphene heating films that heat this mat.
  • Ideal for a home for treating your arms, cramps, shoulder, legs, back, and other pains relief. 
  • Your purchase includes a power adapter, a heating pad, and a user manual.  
  • Adjust the temperature from 113 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit as you want.  


  • Auto shut offsetting isn’t adjustable. 
  • Low-quality construction. 

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Bio Amethyst Ereada Mat


Another best infrared mat in our list because plenty of users love the Ereada far-infrared amethyst mats. The company offers a classic collection of these mats in rich brown color, including the queen, single, pro, midsize, and mini. 

And the most popular size is the compact pro that has a 59-inch x 24-inch dimension, and the FDA registered. This is made with a 15-layer system that is a thick Amethyst layer, which releases far-infrared radiation and negative ions.

Apart from that, it has a digital controller so you can adjust the level of heat and session time as you want. It comes with wavy luxury design by 2 clear perpendicular lines, which show amethysts.     


  • Available in seven sizes, such as professional, mini, single, or compact.
  • Made with thick 15 layers, including amethyst crystal that provides deep EMFs free heat.
  • Perfect for acupressure, massage, yoga, naturopathy, chiropractic, osteopathy, and more.
  • Provides 2 years warranty.


  • Heavier infrared mat. 
  • The top surface is a little bit hard for laying.
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Healthyline Pro Infrared Mat


Healthyline is manufacturing the best infrared mat that is filled with tourmaline and jade stones, which emit 4-inch to 6-inch deep heat into the body. Additionally, it comes with a size of 32-inch x 20-inch and weighs 8-lbs.

Its construction consists of 14 layers of premium quality materials, and fewer materials are EMF blocker. It comes with a LED screen controller that permits you to adjust the temperature as you want. 

Apart from that, the premium construction permits you to lay a portion of the body on these infrared mats, such as your legs or back.  

It is ideal for deep penetrating heat therapeutic plus alleviates nerve tension, and rapidity recovers sore muscles.  


  • Made with medical-grade leather that contains natural 50-piece of tourmaline and jade.  
  • Equipped with an LED screen controller so you can adjust temperature and time settings.
  • Featuring an auto shut-off timer that protects you from any harm.
  • Flexible construction allows you to wrap it easily in any part of the body.  


  • All included stones don’t heat up.
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PHYMAT Infrared Mat


If you are searching for a PEMF mat, then the PHYMAT brand should be your priority. This is because; the PHYMAT is manufacturing the best infrared mat that has four inbuilt PEMF devices. 

The pulsed electromagnetic field devices supply magnetic waves at 7.83 Hz to give a cellular recharge to your body.

This mat is equipped with a red light photon that offers visible red light photons. These help to penetrate your inner muscles for relaxing them.         

On the other hand, this mat comes with a smart digital controller for adjusting the temperature. Thus, you can choose to customize options according to your needs.


  • Adjustable temperature from 86 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Equipped with a controller to set temperature or choose auto shut off timer for good night sleep.
  • It provides the best EMF protection due to an extra layer of EMF blocking material and an innovative filtration system.
  • Comes with a heating pad, a digital controller, a travel bag, and a user’s manual. 
  • Offers red light photon that penetrates the inner cells of muscles and tissues.   


  • Lightweight but not a flexible mat.
  • Low-quality construction decreases its durability.
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Ovida Infrared Mat


Are you arthritis or having any chronic illness like lower back pain? Well, we recommend the Ovida far-infrared mats because it is filled with Gemstones. The layer of the gemstones converts heat into the far-infrared radiations at an absorbable wavelength. Furthermore, it penetrates more than 8-inches deep into your muscles. 

Plus, these mats help to reduce severe pains almost immediately. You can say that these infrared mats are great home treatment pads. It also consists of jade stones that make it comfortable, tension relief, and soothing pain. 

Another good thing is that it comes with a controller that has an LED smart screen, which displays temperature and time values. You can also adjust the timing and temperature by using a digital controller. 


  • Perfect for temporary relief of joint pain, back pain, arthritis symptom, and muscle spasms.  
  • The electromagnetic field protects the human body from any harmful rays. 
  • Featuring memory function, auto shut-off, and timer or temperature settings. 
  • 5ft long power cord permits you to sit comfortably wherever you want to use.
  • Available in two sizes, so you choose the best as you want. 


  • Not a long-lasting infrared mat. 
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Carejoy Infrared Mat


If you want a mat for health care and beautification, the Carejoy is presenting the best infrared mat that helps to fight against diseases and sickness. The good point is that the company uses high-grade PU materials with a combination of both jade and tourmaline stones.

These materials have the ability to discharge far-infrared waves of 8 to 14-micron wavelength. Furthermore, whenever the heating elements heat up, they emit radiations for penetrating more than 5.5-inch penetrates. 

On the other hand, these Carejoy infrared mats are delivering plenty of health benefits. Such as relief muscles, improve memory, enhances blood flow, eliminate tension, or increases metabolism, and much more.     


  • Improve memory, increase blood circulation, and metabolism.
  • Durable and lightweight construction makes it portable and compact.
  • Comes with a 20-inch x 60-inch o you can use it for a full body heating massage.
  • A controller comes with a dial for adjusting the temperature. 
  • Made with high-quality PU and tourmaline and jade stones, plus registered by FDA, 


  • A controller is difficult to operate due to a lack of design.

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Wellbeing Infrared Mat

Available Here

Wellbeing is a well-known company that is manufacturing the best infrared mat as compared to other mats. This is because of multi-layer construction. The company uses premium quality materials such as carbon fiber and electricity conductor converts into far-infrared radiation.

You can also use it to refresh your body on a cellular level by choosing non-heat mode. Moreover, you can also adjust the temperature of more than 158 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You can confidently use it in the home because it is created with eco-friendly materials. It has a waterproof cover that makes it is the safest infrared mat. Thus, you can use it while you are working or take a rest.    

This mat is accessible in a wide range of sizes so you can choose according to your requirements. It is very easy to use; you just need to plug the power cord. Another good thing is that you can sit and lay on this mat to relax your stiff muscles.  


  • Oxygenates cells improve sleep, relieve joint pains, increases blood circulation, and minimizes inflammation.
  • Premium quality construction consists of carbon fiber. 
  • You can also recharge your body on a cellular level by turning on non-heat mode. 
  • Lightweight and durable construction makes it compact and portable. 
  • You can sit and lay on it to relax your stiff cells and muscles.    


  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature.  

Best Infrared Mat Buying Guide

There are various points that you need to keep in mind before buying the best infrared mats for your home or office. These points will enable you to get the best bang of your buck without wasting any money on a product that you don’t need. We have briefly discussed some of the important points in the following guide so that you don’t end up over or under spending on anything. 

  • Weight and size

Weight and size are two of the most important factors that you must bear in mind before buying. The size needs to be appropriate, and it needs to meet your requirements. You can use your infrared mats for standing as well as sitting or lying, so consider the size accordingly. 

It also needs to be very lightweight. This will allow you to carry it around as well. This will be very useful for you if you have some back issues. But portability has its benefits if you are looking to move your infrared mat from one place to another frequently. 

  • Portability 

This feature should be your top priority if you are looking for a mat that you can use at different locations like your office or home. Portability won’t be an issue if you won’t move your mat. But if you are planning to use it at your home and our office, then portability should be your number one priority. 

  • Cover material

Cover materials will directly tell us about how to comfort an infrared mat is to use. Of course, you will be using it to stand or lie on it; therefore, it needs to feel extremely comfortable. Therefore, the cover material needs to be very soft to use on the bearskin. You also need to consider whether you are allergic to any materials and make sure that you avoid such materials to avoid any irritations. 

  • Temperature control 

Temperature control is a key feature of any infrared mat. If you are able to control the temperature, then you can conveniently alter the torture according to your needs. It will ensure that the mat is able to heat according to your preferences, not more, not less.

  • User-friendliness

Speaking of controls, they need to be user-friendly as well. Using the controls of your mat shouldn’t be rocket science for you. This feature will enable you to access all the controls conveniently when you use them, and you will feel a lot more at home with your infrared mat. 

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If you’re more of an eBay shopper, most of these are available there as well.  Check out our favorites below.

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Best Infrared Mats FAQ

FAQ on The Best Infrared Mats

How often and for how long can you use sauna mats?

Any effective treatment can last for only 20 minutes, but for more significant results, you need to use the mat for 40 minutes at least and up to an hour. And you can also use it daily if you want and can even use it twice a day. Using it after a few days consistently is also useful, depending on your requirements.

Can I use infrared mats on my bed?

Yes, you can use them in your bed as well and can place it on your memory foam mattress. There is a heat-reflecting layer on the back of these mats. However, we suggest you place extra padding between the mat and your bed for an extra precautionary measure. 

Can infrared rays penetrate bandages and dressings?

Yes, these infrared rays have the ability to penetrate, bandages, and dressings, and you can use them easily with your clothes on too. 

Can you sleep on an infrared mat?

The overall effect of relaxation and warmth is the ideal solution for you to get that high-quality deep sleep. But it is not recommended to sleep on these infrared mats for an entire night, or you will risk overheating your skin that might result in dehydration. 

Is an infrared heating mat better than a regular heating mat?

Infrared rays can penetrate deep into human tissues. They can go as deep as 3cm and can reach the muscles, joints, nerves as well as your spine. On the other hand, the regular heating pads are only able to heat your skin and don’t penetrate much.

What are the benefits of infrared mats?

There are various benefits of infrared mats. The biggest one of them is to boot blood circulation and detoxification of the muscles and skin by stimulating sweat glands. This can eradicate any developed toxins in your skin. 

These mats can also reduce fatigue and stress and can eradicate arthritis, muscle aches as well as joint pain. Apart from that, these infrared mats are also helpful in boosting metabolism as well as weight loss. These mats can also support your immune system to improve health and skin condition and also help in cellulite appearance. 


Your best infrared mat needs to be made of high quality and comfortable materials. Apart from that, it shouldn’t be very heavy if you will be using it in different places. The controls need to be user-friendly, and there should be a dynamic temperature range to work with. 

These features need to be there if you are looking for a good quality infrared mat to use. The availability of these features will make sure that you will get your desired results. Using these mats will transform your life completely. 

So which one of the infrared mats have you used? Did we miss your favorite infrared mat? Why don’t you let us know by leaving a comment in the section below!

And if you’re still not convinced about sauna mats ability to relieve pain, check out this video.

10 Total Score
Best Infrared Mat!

  • Comes with a smart digital controller.
  • Featuring a particular heat setting for adjusting the heat.   
  • Auto shut-off function prevents burn and conserves energy. 
  • Solid construction makes it comfortable, reliable, and versatile.