Best Full Size Portable Saunas

Best Full Size Portable Saunas
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  • Organic and off-gassing construction. 
  • Friendly convenience.
  • Complete accessibility. 
  • Safe for everybody.
  • 100-day trial and a lifetime warranty.   

Portable saunas have one big problem: they make you claustrophobic and your head sticks out!  Here’s what they look like!

But that shouldn’t keep you from the amazing weight loss benefits of infrared saunas.  Indeed, if you have less than $200 to spend on a portable sauna, these are better than nothing.  But if you can afford it, you don’t have to settle for these little confined boxes.

Luckily there are some really great full size portable saunas that allow you relax in a mini sauna room and let the infrared lights reach your entire body.  This is especially important today.

Infrared saunas may even help kill coronavirus, so you definitely want your face covered.

Infrared saunas can use light to increase your body temperature. You won’t see the infrared light, but your body will feel it intensely. Therefore, these saunas will not take much time to heat your body up, and make you sweat like crazy.  They promote healthy living and weight loss.

As with masks, soap, and other supplies that are in demand today, coronavirus has created such a demand for full body saunas that many of these are sold out.

Out top choice (SaunaSpace Luminati) is still available but it is rather expensive.  We strongly believe it’s the best, and worth the price for the low EMF technology, but there are other good options here for under $1,000 USD.  Indeed, there’s a full size portable sauna for everyone.

Best Full Size Portable Saunas – Product Reviews 

Luminati Portable Sauna – Best Low-EMF Portable Infrared Sauna   

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The Luminati portable sauna is manufactured with the best natural materials. The company uses organic canvas, bamboo, stainless steel, and solid basswood in its construction. Moreover, the design of the Luminati sauna addresses safety, usability, non-native EMFs, material off-gassing, durability, and much more. 


  • Organic and off-gassing construction. 
  • Friendly convenience.
  • Complete accessibility. 
  • Safe for everybody.
  • 100-day trial and a lifetime warranty.   

Organic Construction 

The company chooses the most not treated and non-toxic natural materials for protecting you from off-gassing and toxic chemicals. The natural canvas is certified by GOTS, so it is the ultimate hypoallergenic and enclosure material. 

The best thing is that all components of basswood are hand-polished and hand-worked buttery smooth. Furthermore, all textile parts are stitched with precision by their expert sewers.     

Complete Accessibility 

This full-size sauna is the ideal combination of roomy interior and space-saving. It comes with plenty of space so you can conveniently rotate the stool. It is also equipped with three switch controls, which offer you vital flexibility. 

Each light has its own switch control. Thus you can adjust the heat as you want. Therefore, we can say that this is the best portable sauna for sensitive people because they can change the temperature as they wish.    

Friendly Convenience

The Luminati sauna has a minimalist, portable and sleek design. The assembling and disassembling is effortless. You don’t need any tools during the setup, plus no handyman is required. 

The dimension of this portable sauna is 24-inch x 52-inch x 63-inch and weighs about 55 lbs so you can conveniently move it to your next room or home. 

Another good thing is that you can adjust the height of the sauna because it comes with a Tungsten Panel.   

Why we recommend it

We recommend the Luminati sauna because it is suitable for sensitive users. Due to its durability, intelligent design, safety, usability, easy to set up, adjustable panel, it is the most powerful and popular on the market. 

You can also enjoy risk-free 100 days trial, plus after purchasing the Luminati sauna, the company gives you a lifetime warranty.    


  • The intelligent design delivers a safe and transformative healing experience. 
  • Constructed with ThermaLight technology and organic materials, which makes it hypoallergenic, ethical, sustainable, durable, and machine washable.  
  • The company gives you a risk-free 100 days trial and a lifetime warranty.
  • You can adjust the height of the sauna with its height modifiable Tungsten panel. 
  • It comes with three switch controls that provide you ultimate flexibility.  


  • Not affordable for everyone. 
  • Difficult to customize the height. 

SaunaSpace Luminati Portable Sauna
The Luminati portable sauna is manufactured with the best natural materials. The company uses organic canvas, bamboo, stainless steel, and solid basswood in its construction. Moreover, the design of the Luminati sauna addresses safety, usability, non-native EMFs, material off-gassing, durability, and much more.


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SereneLife Portable Sauna – Best Home Sauna

SereneLife is manufacturing the best full-size portable sauna that is equipped with high powered heating elements. The good thing is that your purchase includes a foldable chair, sauna tent, and heated foot-pad. So this is the best option for personal use as a home spa for taking plenty of health advantages.   


  • Collapsible design.
  • Compact & energy efficient.
  • Detoxify & soothing. 
  • Complete kit.
  • Easy to use.

Compact & Energy Efficient

This portable sauna is constructed with infrared technology for delivering the best home sauna experience to you. It features a heating element that reaches a maximum temperature of 60-degree Celsius or 140-degree Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, it comes with a wired controller so you can configure the auto heat setting. Plus, you can manually adjust a timer as you want.       

Collapsible Design

A collapsible design of this portable sauna makes it compact. The dimension of this product is measuring 35.4-inch x 35.4-inch x 10.9-inch. Additionally, this small sauna makes assembling and disassembling convenient. You can fold and quickly move it from one place to another.    

Detoxifying & Soothing

This home sauna is ideal for detoxing, stress relief, and it also helps to lose weight. The heat radiates of an infrared sauna helps to prevent fatigue. In addition to that, the included heat footpad also alleviates achy muscles of your feet.    

Why we recommend it

SereneLife portable sauna is the best infrared compact sauna that comes with an energy-efficient heating element. Additionally, it also features a wired controller so you can manually set a timer as you want or customize the auto heating settings.   


  • The included chair is foldable and comfortable, so you can enjoy your home sauna. 
  • Suitable for Detox, stress relief, and losing weight more healthily. 
  • This infrared sauna is equipped with a high powered 1300 watt heating element that makes it energy efficient.  
  • Constructed with a collapsible design that makes it compact, portable, and comfortable. 
  • Included a heated foot-pad soothes your feet achy muscles. 


  • Dry over the skin.
  • Setup requires a lot of time. 

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Sauna Rocket Full-Size Saunas – Best Budget Efficient    

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If you are looking for a kit for a personal steam sauna, then Sauna Rocket can be a good option for you. This sauna kit is accessible on the market at an affordable price as compared to other products. It also gives you various health advantages, so after taking a sauna, you will get a relaxed body. 


  • Durable & reliable.
  • Premium stream generator.
  • Best for full-body steam. 
  • Health benefits. 
  • Remote controller. 

Premium Steam Generator 

You’ll get a premium quality steam generator with one-gallon capacity. The innovative design of the generator will give you an outstanding steam sauna experience. 

Additionally, this high-powered portable sauna is the most potent steam sauna on the market. It is engineered to reach the ideal level of humidity and heat within minutes.        

Durable & Reliable 

Due to superior quality construction, this portable sauna is the best reliable and permanent sauna as compared to other saunas. 

Moreover, the cleanliness of this sauna is very easy and quick. The dimension of the Sauna Rocket is 32-inch x 32-inch x 63-inch, so you can conveniently move it from one room to another room.    

Remote Controller 

This sauna kit includes a compact size, remote controller. Thus, you can adjust the heat according to your requirements. The central unit has a large-size display that shows you the essential information as well. 

In addition to that, it is not compulsory to operate it with a remote controller; you can customize its setting by pushing the buttons on the central unit.  

Why we recommend it

Sauna Rocket kit is a complete kit for a full-body personal steam sauna. This is the most efficient and more effective saunas at an affordable price. It will deliver you an enjoyable experience by promoting relaxation. Your purchase includes an electric steamer along with a dispenser and tube, plus an insulated saunas cabin.       


  • A high-powered and an innovative steam generator gives you the best home steam sauna experience.   
  • The best privacy place in your home for relaxing your stiff muscles and rejuvenates your full body. 
  • Premium construction makes it reliable, durable, compact, and portable. 
  • Easily movable, easy to clean, and store. 
  • Features a good quality zip that locks the steam inside the saunas. 


  • Purchasing a mood light and folding chair is an additional expense. 
  • It comes with less durability. 

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Steam Portable Sauna – Best Indoor Spa  

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Do you search for an indoor spa for you and your family? Well, you are in the right place; we suggest the portable steam sauna for you. 

It is constructed with superior quality ABS material, which makes it durable and reliable. Your purchase includes a user manual, remote control, sauna tent, steam generator, and two steam hoses.   

Features list 

  • Foldable and portable. 
  • Adjustable power.
  • Included a remote controller.
  • It offers health benefits.
  • Comfortable indoor spa.

Foldable & portable

Foldable and portable are the two essential features for an indoor spa. And the good thing is that this sauna is featuring both. The dimension of the sauna tent is approximately 44.9-inch x 44.1-inch x 83.5-inch and weighs. Therefore, it is the best space-saving sauna for you. 

Another good thing is that after the usage, you can conveniently fold it and store it for further use.    

Health Benefits 

This steam tent is not just keeping your skin fresh but also increases the blood circulation. It minimizes your whole day stress and eases fatigue. This also aids in relaxing your stiff muscles. 

Other advantages include improved sleep, relaxation, stress management, pain reduction, skin rejuvenation, weight loss, increase metabolism, detoxification, and enhanced immune and cardiovascular functions.    

Comfortable Indoor Spa

This Steam Portable Sauna is the most comfortable indoor spa. It comes with a steam generator that has a 2L large pot. Furthermore, the steam generator has a digital display that displays necessary information such as temperature or time. You can easily read the current values. 

It is also equipped with a remote controller so you can customize the settings of time and temperature. Therefore, you can say that it is suitable for all types of skins. The sensitive users can enjoy steam saunas by adjusting the heat of this tent.     

Why we recommend it

It is the best indoor steam spa that is the ultimate space-saving option for you. You can easily fold it and store it for further use. The assembling and disassembling are effortless, and you don’t need any handyman or additional tool for its setup.

On the other hand, it comes with a larger size 2L pot so you can enjoy 99 minutes of a steam spa.


  • Constructed with superior quality ABS material that makes it durable, reliable, and easy to clean. 
  • You can take 99 minutes of sauna without any gap.  
  • Portable sauna so you can quickly move it from one place to another. 
  • Setup is straightforward and quick, plus no additional hands or tools are required. 
  • Purchase includes a sauna tent, steam generator remote control, user manual, and two steam hoses.  
  • It can be operated with a remote control or directly from the steam generator. 


  • Hard to understand a user manual. 
  • Not the best space-saving sauna.  

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Full Body Portable Saunas – Buying Guide 

There are various factors that you need to consider before buying a portable sauna to use at home. To keep things simple for you, we have developed this buying guide to assist you in making the right buying decision. 

  • Near vs. Far Infrared 

Before you start considering your options for your home sauna, you must find the light spectrum. Based on the light wavelength, you can either choose far or near-infrared saunas. 

Almost half of the light spectrum that you receive from the sun is near-infrared, and it is excellent for your bones and skin. However, far infrared is a better choice when you are looking to relax and rejuvenate. Far infrared is also high in boosting your metabolism, and it also detoxifies your body. 

  • Ceramic vs. carbon fiber

The heating system is also critical when choosing the right kind of full-size portable sauna. There are two different types that you can explore here as well. Carbon fiber can distribute heat evenly. Therefore, it does well when we talk about heat coverage. 

Infrared light from this sauna will penetrate your skin deeper. On the other hand, ceramic is cheaper, and these saunas are excellent when you are short on budget. But these saunas are not as effective as the carbon fiber saunas. 

  • Size 

You need to keep in mind the size of the sauna that you are considering. It needs to fit in the space that is available in the room where you want to place it. 

Apart from that, you need to consider how many people are going to be in the sauna at the same time. You can go for a size that can be suitable for three people at the same time. 

But of course, they are going to be slightly expensive as compared to solos. 

  • Heating area surface 

You need to consider the types and sizes of plates that are used in the sauna. This will decide how efficient your home sauna is. A sauna with small plates can quickly heat up, mainly if the surface area is more modest. The larger surface area will emit even heat, but it will also take longer to heat up. 

Nevertheless, with a larger surface area, these saunas become a lot easier to manage. You also have to carefully consider various other heat settings as well as timer options.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Make sure that you go for an option that you can clean up and maintain after every session with ease. Most of the models are very easy to clean because you can wipe them down right after your sauna session. 

You might need to go for thorough cleaning several times in a month if you use your sauna frequently. It is essential to clean your sauna regularly because it will prevent any residue or bacteria development in your sauna and will also be clean for you to use. 

Disadvantages of regular portable saunas

For those of you who haven’t come across a full-size portable sauna, they are the best because your entire body will go through the same effect of the sauna at the same time. You will be in a small space, either standing or sitting, and you can comfortably do whatever you need while your body detoxifies.

They are far better as compared to the portable sauna models where your head and hands stick out. Such models are a lot more popular, but they are not very comfortable to use. You have to sit in a position where you can place your head and hands out of the fabric, and for that, you have to maintain your position. Sitting this way for a long time can be very tedious, and hence, these models are not designed for saunas lasting for an extended period. 

A full-sized portable sauna is better because you can sit in it with your hands and head inside. You can comfortably move around if you want. It is essentially a small tent, so to speak in which your entire body can relax along with your hands and head. 

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Full Body Portable Saunas – Frequently Asked Questions

Is an infrared safe form of heat? 

Yes, it is an absolutely safe type of heat for all living things, and you can be exposed to it without facing any risks of burning. 

It is our sun’s naturally occurring output and is also free from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Infrared heat is exceptionally safe as it is frequently used in hospitals to keep the newborns warm. 

Is there any difference between the conventional saunas and the infrared saunas? 

Infrared saunas are very gentle heat and your experience will be very similar as if you are lying in the sun. You will feel the heat radiating into your body’s core using infrared saunas. This means that the air will become increasingly difficult to breathe and the experience will become very uncomfortable. 

A conventional sauna heats your body on the outer side while infrared penetrates your tissue. 

Traditional saunas can produce a sweat composed of 3% toxins while infrareds can produce sweat composing 20% toxins. Conventional saunas operate well over 200F, while the infrared saunas work between 100F and 150F.

I’m on prescription drugs: can I use infrared saunas?

People on prescription medication need to seek advice from their personal physician before using an infrared sauna. 

Barbiturates, beta-blockers, and diuretics have the tendency to impair your body’s natural heat loss capability. Anticholinergics and antihistamines have a propensity to inhibit seating, and it can predispose you to heat rash or, in some extreme conditions, heatstroke as well.  

You also need to check with your doctor if you are pregnant and want to use a sauna. 

Can kids use these saunas?

Kids’ body core temperature can rise pretty fast as compared to that of adults. The reason is the high metabolic rate as per body mass. It is better to keep the temperatures low when you are using your sauna with your child and also make sure that you don’t use it more than 15 minutes per session. 

A child’s body can’t regulate temperature by sweating, and it also has limited circulatory adaptation due to more cardiac demands. 

Can an older adult use a sauna? 

As with older age, the body’s ability to regulate temperature reduces because of the limited sweating gland function. It is better to use saunas at low temperatures for older adults to prevent any complications. The sessions should be the same as you are doing with your kids.  


Make sure that you carefully consider your options before you make your investment. Keep in mind all your needs and requirements, and you won’t end up over or underspending. Choose the right size and heating source and also go for a sauna that is very easy to clean and maintain. 

All-in-all, the best full-size portable sauna that you can use at your home is the one from SereneLife. The design of this sauna makes it very easy to use. It has a very convenient sit-in construction, and the zippers are straightforward to access. You can easily read your book or use your phone. 

Another excellent feature of this sauna is that it is energy efficient, and with 1300W, it can reach up to 140F in no time. Moreover, the chair that comes with it is also very comfortable and you can use it for long hours if you want. 

So which one of these full-size portable saunas have you used before? Share your experience with us and also let us know in the section below if you have a favorite of your own!

Enjoy your sauna!

10 Total Score
Best Full Body Portable Sauna

Kiss that confined portable sauna goodbye. The SaunaSpace Luminati is a beautiful design that will give you some space to get away from it all.

  • Organic and off-gassing construction. 
  • Friendly convenience.
  • Complete accessibility. 
  • Safe for everybody.
  • 100-day trial and a lifetime warranty.